When It’s Cool to be Pretentious

I am lost by the literary authors of the world who find it perfectly acceptable to be pretentious. The author who thinks it’s okay to put down people who read and enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey; the author who thinks he’s cool for commenting “this is the worst piece of writing I’ve ever read” on an article wherein a man poured his heart out about walking in on his wife cheating on him with another man – this is not okay; this is not cool. It’s not even your business to tell people what to read or what to write or what is cool. If you don’t like it; don’t read it. It is very simple.

I was afraid for many years to admit that I was a Twilight fan, because of the stigma on it and its readers, and even these days, I get roasted for being a fan of John Green or any other YA author. I guess I’m not respected by people – writers or otherwise – if I read anything but Jack Kerouac or China Miéville. Did you know that Twilight helped pull a young girl out of suicide after her best friend had died? Will you tell her that she’s not good enough for you then?

I certainly fucking hope not.

Granted, I’ve only written one piece of literary fiction. I am very proud of it, but it is only one. My other titles are cliche enough to be called paranormal romance and new adult/dystopian. But I don’t give a shit. I am proud of them too.

Unless you have been on the New York Times Bestsellers list, please stop acting like you are God’s gift to the writing community. You are not. And even if you have made the NYT! Do you see traditionally published authors putting people down? (Besides Stephen King but everyone knows he’s an asshole. Are you an asshole?) You are not the best writer, or even one of the best. Have you ever cared to look at how many books are on Amazon? That’s a lot of authors. You are not special. Stop acting like Ernest Hemingway because it may be cool to act like a hipster but guess what, nobody really likes hipsters. Seriously. Nobody does except hipsters themselves.

None of my authors at OCH act like this and they have some of the best writing I have ever read. They are kind, supportive people. Why are you acting like you own the writing world? Why is this okay to you? Do your parents not love you? This community does not belong to you and nobody working really hard to bring their passion to paper wants anything to do with you or your foul attitude. We are here to uplift each other, not tear each other down. That is the law of LIFE, haven’t you heard?

It is not cool to be pretentious about your own work to the point that others are giving up writing completely because of how mean you were to them. That’s not literature; that’s called bullying.

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